Glass for interior design

The shower cabin produced by THERM-IS BIZZOTTO are custom-made and are totally "Italian", which means that they have been designed, projected and produced in Italy with the precise desire to maximize the specificity, originality and uniqueness of "made in Italy".

“ Fully Glass” partitions, complete with doors, are suitable for houses, offices or retail spaces, and allow to separate large areas without sacrificing lighting and acoustic privacy.
They can be transparent or personalized with sanding and serigraphy. They can also be completed with internal curtains ( manual or motorized), which can work singularly or with a centralised electronic system .

A classy touch for your house or office thanks to glass parapets and stairs: tempered and laminated glass for a complete safety, profiles and accessories give to the surrounding area a mix of design and modernity.
Walkable glass can be transparent, satined, coloured or made following specific needs and projects.

The digital printing technology offered by Therm-is Bizzotto allows to replicate any picture on a glass surface starting from a simple graphic file, guaranteeing eternal durability even if the glass is exposed to the weather oF UV rays. Digital printing on glass has considerable benefits in comparison with traditional serigraphy. In fact, it doesn’ t need a serigraphic frame and doesn’t have any limit for colours and opacity. The high print resolution ( 720 x 1440 dpi) guarantees high precision and quality, even on large glass ( up to 6000x2800mm) allowing  photographic quality. Furthermore, the use of ceramic colors and the tempering process to which the glass is subjected once printed allow the latter to become one with the colors, guaranteeing a "long life" protection to the same. The fields of application of digital printing allow, thanks to its flexibility, to create both large series and the printing of unique pieces.