Glass for commercial refrigeration

Serigraphed and drilled glass which allow a mechanical hook locked to the cabinet. They can also be insulated and equipped with a wide range of rubber, plastic or metal gaskets.

Glass doors for refrigerated counters are solutions developed to allow excellent visibility of the products on display as well as savings on energy consumption up to 60%.
They can be hinged or sliding and are also available in insulating glass with completely transparent vertical profiles.

These glass, serigraphed and complete with a wide range of rubber, plastic or metal gaskets sealed with specific structural silicones with guarantee a long-lasting mechanical seal, offer refrigerated cabinets and elegant design and excellent display of its products. Available in different colors and with mirror effect.

Low –emission insulating glass for refrigerated islands is used to obtain excellet energy saving performance and manage to reach a U value of 0.3 w/m2.